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Top New-for-2022
New for 2022 • Our Top 10 Selections for You
A preview of 10 selections from our 2022 lineup, from over 150 new products we're pleased to bring you.
New-for-2022 Organic Selections
New for 2022 • Our Top 10 ORGANIC Selections
A sampling of 10 new organic selections we're most excited to show you, from over 40 new certified-for-organic production items.
New-for-2022 Flowers
New for 2022 • Our Top 10 FLOWER Selections
For flower growers and lovers, here are 10 of the best from over 70 new additions for 2022 and beyond.
Why Johnny's
Why Johnny's?
Learn about the work we do to help you achieve success, and how your success makes all our work worthwhile!
Customer Service
Customer Service at Johnny's Selected Seeds
The story behind Johnny's award-winning customer service — from our small diversified farmer and avid home gardener customers, together with call center, research, and quality assurance staff.
Plant Breeding at Johnny's
Plant Breeding at Johnny's Selected Seeds
Learn how our classical plant breeding team brings award-winning vegetable varieties to life at Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Trialing at Johnny's
Trialing at Johnny's Selected Seeds
Nothing goes in our catalog or out our door until it's been rigorously field-tested or trialed at Johnny's Research Farm in Albion, Maine or at one of our farmer–cooperators throughout the country.
About Johnny's
About Johnny's Selected Seeds
An overview of Johnny's philosophy and history, featuring agrarian elders Rob Johnston, Jr. and Eliot Coleman, our customers and employees.
About Pelleted Seed
About Our Pelleted Seed
An overview on pelleted seeds, including key advantages.
Beneficial Insects
Beneficial Insects • Strategies to Protect & Enhance Populations
An overview of strategies to enhance, protect, and support beneficial insect communities.
Calvin Lamborn on Pea Breeding
Calvin Lamborn on Pea Breeding • Father of the Modern Snap Pea
The work of Dr. Lamborn has brought us considerable improvements in pea breeding — from exquisite flavor and appearance to increased disease resistance, higher yields, smaller pods for efficient processing, and ease of picking for field workers.
Organic Cherry Bomb Tomato
Breeding 'Cherry Bomb,' Our Cherry x Grape Tomato
Learn what makes 'Cherry Bomb' so exceptional: appearance and flavor combined with late blight resistance and performance, for organic field production.
Clementine Cocktail Tomato
Breeding 'Clementine,' Our Tangerine Cocktail Tomato
Learn about the unique flavor and the color, size, shape, and texture of this crack-resistant, sweet-tart tomato — bred by Johnny's and certified-organic!
Pollinating Peppers
Plant Breeding Technique • Hand-Pollinating Peppers at Johnny's Research Farm
A demonstration of the hand-pollination technique employed in our traditional pepper breeding program at Johnny's Research Farm.
Washington Cherry Tomatoes
Seed Production at Johnny's • Certified-Organic 'Washington' Cherry Tomatoes
While growing tomatoes for fresh eating differs little from growing them for seed, how they're harvested and processed for seed production is entirely different! Watch how we produce organic 'Washington' Cherry Tomato seed.
Microgreens Yield Trial
Trialing • Johnny's Microgreens Yield Trial
A look at one of our earlier microgreens trials, with guidance on determining how much seed to plant, turnaround time, and projected yield.
Virtual Greenhouse Tour
Trialing • Take a Virtual Tour of Our Greenhouse Trials
A virtual tour of our greenhouse trials — come take a peek at just some of what we've got growing here at Johnny's Research Farm!
Build a Bouquet
Recipe • Miso-Glazed Kabocha Squash
Quick, easy, and savory-sweet, this is surely one of the most nourishing, delicious ways to celebrate the late-winter transition to spring.

Tool Demonstration Videos

Baby Leaf Harvester
Baby Leaf Harvester • Demo
The Baby Leaf Harvester was designed and built in France, where quick, clean, ergonomic harvesting of baby leaf greens, mescluns, lettuces, and tender aromatic herbs has been elevated to both art and science.
Flame Weeder
Backpack Flame Weeder • Demo
Burn weeds out of your soil at the wave of a wand. Backpack portability makes this flame weeder perfect for creating stale planting beds and spot weed control without herbicides.
Bed Preparation Tutorial with Adam Lemieux
Bed Preparation • Tutorial
A bed preparation tutorial using tools designed for small-scale farmers and backyard gardeners. Tools include the Broadfork, the Tillie, the Tilther, the Seedbed Roller with Row Markers and Dibbles, and the Paperpot Transplanter.
Blanching Frisee in the Field with Blanching Caps
Blanching Caps for Sweeter, More Tender Chicories at Satur Farms
Place these little caps on individual heads of frisée, escarole, and other types of chicory to blanch their hearts. The caps keep the sunlight off the plants, resulting in heads with delicate, pale-yellow to white inner leaves that are far less bitter and more tender to the tooth.
Courtesy Satur Farms.
Broadfork Demo
Broadforks • Demo
Deeply aerate the soil without disturbing the soil structure, using these European-designed broadfork tools, developed in partnership with Eliot Coleman.
Broadfork Demo with Adam Lemieux
Broadforks • Demo
Here's a demo of the Broadfork, a tool that is great for loosening and aerating the bed, maintaining soil structure, and for harvest, depending on the model design. Shown here is Model 727, the 7-tine Hardpan Broadfork.
Collinear Hoe
Collinear Hoes • Demo
Johnny's tool consultant and author Eliot Coleman demonstrates the collinear hoe. This handy gardening tool makes elimination of weeds quick and enjoyable. Available in 2 sizes, including a version with a replacement blade.
CoolBot Installation
CoolBot • Installation
Installation instructions for the 3rd-generation of the CoolBot, a device which provides an economical and energy-efficient way to transform an insulated room into a walk-in cooler to keep your fresh produce at peak flavor and quality.
CoolBot PRO Installation
CoolBot PRO • Installation
Installation instructions for the wi-fi-enabled version of the CoolBot — a reliable, easily installed and maintained device which allows you to receive critical alerts, track valuable data, and remotely control your cooler from your mobile device.
J-M Fortier on Using the CoolBot PRO
CoolBot PRO • Tutorial with Jean–Martin Fortier
Award-winning author, educator, and four-season market-gardener Jean–Martin Fortier gives us a tutorial on using the CoolBot PRO to set, monitor, and adjust your cool-room temperatures using your mobile device.
Easy-Plant Jab Planter
Easy-Plant Jab-Type Planter • Demo
A hand planter for corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers, and sunflowers, on open ground or through plastic mulch.
Earthway Seeder
EarthWay Seeder • Demo
Designed for the small-scale market grower and large-scale home gardener. Fast and easy to operate; furrows, plants, covers seeds, and marks the next row, all in one pass.
4-Row Pinpoint Seeder in a Raised Bed
Four-Row Pinpoint Seeder • In a Raised Garden Bed
The Four-Row seeder allows you to plant a full raised bed of dense baby greens, lettuce, carrots or other crops in just minutes. Watch this quick demo in a raised bed.
4-Row Pinpoint Seeder
Four-Row Pinpoint Seeder • Demo
The tool choice for greenhouse planting. Plants 4 rows that are 2¼" apart; or, plants 2 rows that are 4½" or 6¾" apart. Comes with 4 seed-hole sizes.
4-Row Cultivator-Weeder
Four-Row Cultivator / Weeder • Demo
The Four-Row Cultivator allows for quick and easy, yet precise cultivation between densely planted rows, and provides an efficient way to keep salad and greens mixes free from weeds during that critical, early-growth stage.
Glaser Wheel Hoe
Glaser Wheel Hoe • Demo
Provides fast, quality weed control between rows. This Swiss-made hoe has a multitude of optional attachments available separately.
Gorilla Tubs (formerly TubTrugs)
Gorilla Tubs® (formerly known as TubTrugs®) • Demo
Flexible, lightweight, food-grade polyethylene tubs make great harvesting containers and much more. Available in 4 sizes and multiple colors. Convenient collander insert also now available.
Hatfield Transplanter
Hatfield Transplanter • Demo
Transplant from a standing position, to save time — and your back! Works best with 2 people: one person operates the tool while another handles the transplants.
Jang JP1 Clean Seeder
Jang JP1 Clean Seeder • Anatomy & Use
An introduction to the Jang JP1, an extremely versatile seeder to optimize seeding ease and efficiency, with an overview of Jang JP1 anatomy, accessories, and rollers.
Harvest Knives
Knives & Cutting Tools • Demo
High-quality knives and machetes enable you to harvest your crops much more quickly and cleanly.
Long-Handled Tools
Long-Handled Tools • Demo
Years of research have gone into the design of Johnny's durable, commercial-grade trapezoid hoes, collinear hoes, stirrup hoes, cultivators, and wire weeders.
Manual Mulch Layer
Manual Mulch Layer • Demo
Watch how quickly and efficiently this people-powered tool enables you to lay mulch. Great in small spaces as well as the open field, and fully adjustable for a wide variety of bed widths and mulch sizes.
Mulch Hole Burner
Mulch Hole Burner • Demo
Watch how to quickly and accurately burn holes in mulch or landscape fabric using Johnny's Mulch Hole Burner.
How to Seed Paperchain Pot Trays
Paperchain Pots/Trays • Seeding Demo
Johnny's Tools Trialing Tech Jen Goff demonstrates how to quickly and efficiently seed your Paperpot Trays.
Paperpot Transplanter Demo
Paperpot Transplanter • Demo
Here's a demo on how the components of the Paperpot Transplanter work together to enable you to plant up to 264 seedlings per minute.
Plug Popper Demo
Plug Popper • Demo
Johnny's Tools & Supplies Trialing Tech Jen Goff offers a quick demonstration of our Plug Poppers, a design that allows you to save time while transplanting by releasing an entire tray of plugs in just seconds.
Quick tutorial on how to use the Precision Vacuum Seeder
Precision Vacuum Seeder • Demo
See how quickly and efficiently you can seed multiple trays with a high degree of efficiency. Johnny's Tools Trialing Tech demos how this elegant tool allows you to save time, labor, and money.
Tutorial on the Procona Flower Harvesting & Transport System
Procona Flower Harvesting & Transport System • Tutorial
See how quickly and efficiently you can seed multiple trays with a high degree of efficiency. Johnny's Tools Trialing Tech, Jen Goff shows how this elegant tool allows you to save time, labor, and money.
Quick Hoops Bender
Quick Hoops Bender • Demo
Bend your own high- and low-tunnel hoops. Build season extension structures cost effectively with the Quick Hoops Bender. Available in 4 sizes.
How to Lower & Lean Your Vines
Rollerhook® Trellising • The Easy Way to Lower & Lean in the Greenhouse
Watch a demo on how to implement the "Lower & Lean" trellising technique with Rollerhooks and Tomahooks on your vining greenhouse crops to maximize valuable greenhouse real estate.
Laying Row Cover
Row Covers • Differences, Benefits & Applications
Use these spun polypropylene covers to protect crops from cold and pests. Available in 6 thicknesses and dozens of sizes for a range of applications.
Sauce Master II Demo
Sauce Master II Fruit & Vegetable Strainer • Demo
A quick demo of our Sauce Master II Fruit & Vegetable Strainer — see how quickly and easily you can process your garden bounty of tomatoes, leafy greens, berries, grapes, and all manner of fresh produce without precooking for canning, freezing, or fresh use.
Seedbed Roller with Row Markers
Seedbed Roller with Row Markers • Demo
A short clip demonstrating how Row Markers in conjunction with our Seedbed Roller can be used for efficient planting bed preparation.
Seedbed Roller, Markers & Dibbles Demo with Adam Lemieux
Seedbed Roller, Markers & Dibbles • Demo
Here's how to se the Seedbed Roller, with Row Markers & Snap-In Dibble Accessories, to smooth the surface, score parallel lines for direct-seeding with a precision seeder, or mark it for uniformly spacing transplanted seedlings.
How to use and fold a silage tarp for occultation
Silage Tarps • How to How to Efficiently Use, Fold & Handle to Create a Stale Seed Bed
Learn why occultation with a silage tarp before planting is worthwhile, and how to efficiently use, handle, and fold a silage tarp to eliminate weeds and create a stale seed bed.
6-Row Seeder
Six-Row Seeder, 2nd Edition • Demo
Demonstrably improved on the basis of extensive trialing and customer feedback, we are now offering the Six-Row Seeder, Second Edition…
J-M Fortier & Brad Waugh on Improving the Six-Row Seeder
Improving the Six-Row Seeder with Brad Waugh & JM Fortier
Meet Brad Waugh, Johnny's Mechanical Tools Design Engineer, who together with four-seasons farmer, educator, and best-selling author Jean-Martin Fortier has been closely re-examining the functionality of our Six-Row Pinpoint Seeder. Get Brad and JM's take on how we made a good seeder bettere!
Soil-Block Makers
Soil-Block Maker • Demo
Make your own seed-starting blocks to encourage vigorous root development.
Staple Setter
Staple Setter™ • Demo
The Staple Setter allows you to efficiently drive staples into landscape fabric without bending over — a brief demonstration of this 42" long-handled anchoring tool in action.
Tillie Electric Tiller
Tillie Electric Tiller • Demo
This innovative and versatile tool is driven by a powerful hub motor. Available in several configurations, with accessories that make it convenient and useful for numerous small-scale farmscaping projects.
Tillie Demo with Adam Lemieux
"The Tillie" • Demo
Here's how the Tillie is used to quickly and easily prepare a row for planting in a garden, as well as how to prepare a raised bed in a slightly larger growing space. Light and easy to transport, as well as fume-free, the Tillie is also perfect for tilling in the protected-culture setting, and for footpath cultivation. Changing out the rechargeable battery is also easily accomplished.
Tilther Demo
Tilther • Demo
A lightweight tiller, designed to create perfect tilth within the top 2" of your bed by mixing in compost and fertilizer, while chopping up the roots of the previous crop. Conceptualized by Eliot Coleman and used extensively on his farm, after one quick pass with the tilther, the bed is ready for the next planting.
Tilther Demo with Adam Lemieux
Tilther • Demo
How to use the Tilther to incorporate amendments and perfect the tilth of planting beds that are already established.
Tine Weeding Rakes
Tine Weeding Rakes • Demo
Johnny's Tine Weeding Rakes come in 3 widths — alter pressure and angle to vary functionality. Clip demonstrates how rapidly removal of thread-stage weeds can be accomplished.
Jack Algiere - 21-inch Tine Weeding Rake
Tine Weeding Rake • Demo by Jack Algiere
The director of the four-season farm at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture demos the 21" Tine Weeding Rake.
Wire Weeder Demo
Wire Weeder • Demo
The Long-Handled Wire Weeder is a smaller, ergonomically designed hoe with a very thin blade that doesn't throw soil, perfect for weed management of 6-row and 12-row crops on the small farm.
Courtesy Eric Gallandt, Associate Professor of Weed Ecology & Management, University of Maine.

Crop Info & Instructional Videos

Prospera DMR Basil
Basil • Prospera® : Highest Downy Mildew Resistance in Our Multiyear Trials
Here's a summary of the results of Johnny's R&D basil experts' research on Prospera basil, notable for combining excellent flavor and appearance with superior basil downy mildew resistance.
Everleaf Basil
Basil • 'Everleaf': Bolt-Resistant for Season-Long Performance & Continual Harvesting
'Everleaf' is a flavorful Genovese-type variety that is well-branched, with short internodes that produce an attractive, columnar, and highly productive plant that remains tidy, whether grown in the ground or in a container.
Primocane-Fruiting Blackberry
Blackberries • 'Prime-Ark® Freedom'
John R. Clark, PhD, professor of horticulture and fruit breeder introduces 'Prime-Ark Freedom,' the first thornless blackberrry producing exceptionally large, flavorful fruit on first-year canes. Courtesy University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture.
Happy Rich Mini Broccoli
Mini Broccoli • 'Happy Rich': A Mainstay in the Garden
From its cut-and-come-again habit to its tender stalks and sweet broccoli flavor, 'Happy Rich' mini broccoli has the qualities to make it a mainstay in the garden of Lauren Giroux, Johnny's Vegetable Product Manager.
Pruning Cucumbers
Cucumbers • Pruning Your Trellised Vines
Pruning the lateral growth points between the leaf, tendril, and developing fruit of trellised cucumber plants encourages upward growth and maximal yield.
Build a Bouquet
Cut Flowers • How to Build a Bouquet
Johnny's Flower Product Manager, Hillary Alger provides simple instructions for building attractive, professional-quality bouquets using focal, spike, and accent flowers that have a range of shapes, sizes, and textures.
Mason Jar Bouquet
Cut Flowers • Mason Jar Bouquet
Filling a Mason jar with seasonal blooms and branches is a favorite weekly ritual here at Johnny's Research Farm. Whether it is blossoms, fruits, herbs, or vegetables, taking a little time to reflect on the season's offering enhances our awareness of time, place, and seasonal rhythms.
Teddy Dill
Dill • 'Teddy': A Compact, Lush, Fast-Growing & Vigorous Variety
'Teddy' is a unique and versatile dill variety, well-suited for either field or container/pot production, producing slow-to-bolt plants with a dense, 3-dimensional form and compact spirals of thick, flavorful leaflets.
Edible Flowers
Edible Flowers
Many flower blossoms are edible, and make excellent garnishes and decorations. Grow your own assortment with Johnny's Edible Flower Collection.
Greenhouse Eggplants
Eggplants • Johnny's Greenhouse Varieties
Take a look at Johnny's greenhouse eggplants — bred, trialed, and selected expressly for exceptional performance, quality, and yield under protected-culture conditions.
Auvona Open-Heart Romaine
Lettuce • 'Auvona': Open-Heart Romaine
A comparison between leaf shape, dimension, and ease of preparation of the open-heart Romaine lettuce variety 'Auvona' and a traditional Romaine variety.
Salanova Lettuce
Salanova® Lettuce • Ideas for Growing, Preparing & Marketing
Salanova is a "one-cut" cored-head lettuce, with yields in our trials 42% greater than direct-seeded baby leaf lettuce. The heads are densely packed with single leaves that are baby-leaf sized. You create the salad by making one cut near the base of the head.
Charentais-Type French Melons
Melons • Harvesting Charentais-Type French Melons
Johnny's melon expert, Steve Bellavia, demonstrates how to quickly and easily tell when your Charentais-type melons are ready to be harvested.
Galia-Type Tropical Melons
Melons • Harvesting Galia-Type Tropical Melons
We are often asked by melon growers how to tell when the fruit is ready for harvest. Steve Bellavia of Johnny's R&D team shows how to tell when your tropical Galia-type melons are just right for slipping off the vine.
Lambkin Piel de Sapo Melon
Melons • Harvesting 'Lambkin' Piel de Sapo Melon
'Lambkin' is a Piel de Sapo variety, a newer, earlier cultivar of the type known as Santa Claus or Christmas melons. Here's what to look for as it approaches ripe-and-readiness, with a couple harvesting options to suit your preferences.
Lilly Crenshaw Melon
Melons • Harvesting 'Lilly' Crenshaw Melon
'Lilly' is a Crenshaw melon best harvested at the stage known as forced-slip . 'Lilly' is characteristically much earlier than most other Crenshaw varieties. Melon expert Steve Bellavia, of Johnny's R&D, demonstrates how to easily tell your 'Lilly' is ready for plucking, to ensure its distinctive sweet-spicy flavor is enjoyed at its peak.
Microgreens Production & ROI
Microgreens • Production Techniques & ROI Analysis
Sustainable agriculturist and Johnny's sales rep Thomas Macy, with an review of the fundamentals of microgreens production, including some calculations for approximating your return on the investment.
Microgreens Yield Trial
Microgreens • Information from Johnny's Yield Trial
A look at one of our earlier microgreens trials, with guidance on determining how much seed to plant, turnaround time, and projected yield.
Early Narcissus Set
Narcissus • Early-blooming Set
A selection of long-stemmed, double- and single-flowering Narcissus varieties with early maturity, overlapping bloom periods, and a complementary color palette.
Late Narcissus Set
Narcissus • Late-blooming Set
A collection of Narcissus varieties selected for similar, later bloom periods. Multiple diminutive blooms per stem are fragrant with notes of honey and vanilla.
Blush Onion
Onions • 'Blush': A Pink-Champagne Keeper
There are 4 main reasons why we offer 'Blush' Onion in our catalog; learn why you may want to grow this beautiful, great-tasting onion that really performs in the field and keeps well, too.
Baron Poblano Pepper
Peppers • 'Baron' Poblano/Ancho: Classic, Flat Grilling Pepper
Ancho (Poblano) peppers are the classic peppers for the traditional Mexican dish, chiles rellenos, made by stuffing the grilled peppers with cheeses and/or minced meats and vegetables, battering them with an airy egg coating, then frying until crispy — true Mexican comfort food.
About Hoophouses
Season Extension • Intro to Hoophouse Advantages & Options
Hoophouses allow you to extend your growing season before the last frost and after the first frost by providing a naturally warm shelter for plants.
Season Extension / Overwintering Trials
Season Extension & Overwintering Trials at Johnny's Research Farm
Review our recent season extension and overwintering trials, conducted here in Central Maine at Johnny's Research Farm on a number of exceptional winter-hardy varieties available from Johnny's Selected Seeds.
Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea Shoots
Shoots • 'Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea'
Shoots are a quick-growing, easy-to-grow, nutritious, and high-value crop that can be produced year-round at any latitude. Take a closer look at our 'Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea' Shoot.
Sonja & Soraya Sunflowers
'Sonja' & 'Soraya' • Branching Sunflowers
Johnny's Flower Product Manager, Hillary Alger details the features of 'Sonja' & 'Soraya,' two branching sunflower varieties that perform beautifully in the cut-flower production plan or cutting garden.
Summer Squash Blossoms
Summer Squash • Best Varieties for Edible Blossom Production
Glean some summer squash expertise with these tips and recommendations for edible squash-blossom production.
Zephyr Summer Squash
Summer Squash • When & How to Harvest 'Zephyr'
Yellow at the stem end, pale green at the blossom end! Learn to recognize when and how to harvest this distinctively patterned, delicious and productive summer squash for optimal flavor and texture. Bred by Johnny's.
Spacing Sunflower Plantings
Sunflower Production • Planning, Spacing & Sequencing Tips
Tips and recommendations on designing your sunflower plantings for optimal efficiency, quality, and yield.
ProCut Orange Excel Sunflower
Sunflowers • ProCut® 'Orange Excel': Premium-quality, first-to-market flowers + field performance
Our sunflower trials demonstrated this variety to produce professional-quality blooms at just 50–55 days from sowing — 5–7 days earlier than standard ProCut 'Orange.'
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes • Slip Planting Instructions
Sweet potatoes are easy to grow and highly nutritious. Using black plastic helps warm the soil and will get your slips off to a good start.
Peppermint Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard • 'Peppermint' Variety Highlights
Johnny's Vegetable Product Manager Pete Zuck reviews the attributes that make 'Peppermint' one of his favorite Swiss chard varieties.
Artisan Tomatoes
Tomatoes • The Artisans
Small fruit, superior flavor, and distinctive appearance are the defining characteristics in this line of unique, classically bred tomatoes. Visit our research trialing greenhouse to get tips on determining when to harvest your Artisan Tomatoes™.
Webinar Series • Tomato Top-Grafting Demo: Splice Grafting & Cleft Grafting • Materials & Technique
Webinar Series • Tomato Top-Grafting Demo: Splice Grafting & Cleft Grafting • Materials & Technique
Johnny's Tomato Trialing Tech Daniel Yoder provides splice- and cleft-grafting demonstrations as a component of our Fundamentals of Tomato Grafting webinar.
Grafting Greenhouse Tomatoes
Tomato • Side- & Top-Grafting Demo
Get instruction on both side- and top-grafting of tomato plants using grafting clips and a razor blade, as well as key cultural pointers for greenhouse tomato production in this 20-minute video. Courtesy University of Vermont Extension.
Pruning Greenhouse Tomatoes
Tomatoes • Pruning Greenhouse Vines
Pruning greenhouse tomato plants is worthwhile to balance vegetative versus reproductive output and minimize conditions that favor disease. Watch a demo of this quick and simple technique and learn the benefits.
Pruning Tomatoes
Tomatoes • Pruning Indeterminate Types in the Field
Increase fruit yield and lessen disease pressure by pruning your field-grown indeterminate tomato plants. It's easy! Learn how to prune.
Darwin Hybrid Tulip Set
Tulips • Darwin Hybrid Set
A selection of large, mid spring-flowering Darwin hybrid tulips on long, strong stems in a glowing color palette.
French Bouquet Tulip Set
Tulips • French Bouquet Set
A trio of single French late-season varieties well-suited to the cutting garden. Large pastel blooms emerge atop long, elegant stems to extend the spring bulb season.

Pest & Disease Control Videos

Distributing Ladybugs
Distributing Ladybugs in a Screened Greenhouse
Watch a demonstration of how we distribute ladybugs at our Research Farm in Maine in this short tutorial.
ID Late Blight
Identifying Late Blight
Late blight (Phytophthora infestans) occurs commonly each year in many places around the US and world. Learn how to identify late blight in your garden.
Control Late Blight
Controlling Late Blight
Suggestions for preventing, controlling, and managing late blight with copper fungicides and other methods.
Tomato Hornworms
Controlling Tomato Hornworms
The hornworm is a large caterpillar that eats many parts of the tomato plant. Learn how to prevent these pests from devastating your crops.